Holden V8 Supercharger tunnel ram intake manifold AS0050/AS0290

AUD $1,890.00


Aussiespeed Holden V8 253, 308 high rise tunnel ram supercharger intake manifold


The AussieSpeed Holden V8 tunnel ram style super charger manifold suits red, black & blue motor cylinder heads some extra drilling will be required to suit the 3 different styles of Holden 253 & 308 red, black & blue motor cylinder heads. The centre valley cover holes are part drilled.

This AussieSpeed Holden V8 Tunnel Ram manifold includes supercharger top plate this is a solid Australian made and machined casting to suit 6/71 superchargers.THE TUNNEL RAM BASE IS 150mm high from the top to the bottom of the manifold sitting flat on a bench plus the top.The package is supplied with the tunnel ram base, AS0290 supercharger top plate fitted with a backfire valve, 2 top to base gaskets and 4 mounting bolts. Due to the forces involved on supercharged engines it is highly recommended that the top and bottom be welded together rather than just relying on the 4 mounting bolts.


Polished Blower manifold that was a special order for a customer.


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Weight 28.00 kg