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The Active brand of performance manifolds, single and twin throttle body adapters and EFI components is now manufactured under the Aussiespeed brand. With products like the Holden V8 304 or VN headed 5.0L V8 the single plane high rise manifold can be used with single fuel injection throttle body, multi point fuel injection or with a single 4 barrel carburetor. Ford 2V Cleveland single plane inlet manifold was the last manifold in the Active range that was purchased in 2017 along with the tooling from the other components in the EFI range.

Multi point fuel injection above supercharger EFI injector mounting plates can have a scoop of hat mounted on top to give that mechanical fuel injection look. With roots style superchargers where fuel needs to be fed through the supercharger to help keepĀ  the blower air intake charge cool and lubricate the supercharger a less number of injectors can be mounted when using direct port injection. Many after market computers offer multi drive injector firing and a good tuner can assist with completing a set up like this.

After many years being out of production the Active Ford 2V Cleveland is back. The manifold can be used with a 4 barrel carburettor, EFI throttle body or as a multipoint EFI system in either single or dual throttle body induction.

All of the original tooling was used to rebirth the Ford Cleveland Active manifold. Some of the original tooling needed repair and was remanufactured in modern materials. The manifold can be used with both 2V and 4V cylinder heads.

We will be adding more products and pictures for the Active range including the EFI throttle body hats.


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