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Aussiespeed Ford Six Cylinder Performance Products.
All products can be purchased through the Aussiespeed online speedshop, listed below is some information related to products manufactured by Aussiespeed to suit the Ford 6 cylinder crossflow, 3.9L, 4.0L, engines, BA DOHC. Aussiespeed has developed a wide range of products for the inline Ford 6 cylinder engine with development done in house and with the help of customers.
Our latest update to our Ford 6 cylinder Crossflow manifold is the carburetor mounting flange will now accept Squarebore carbs in either front to back or sideways mounted. Released in October 2016
A spacer is available in either 6mm bakerlight or cast alloy for those wanting a little more height.
John Cain 4 Barrel cross-flow manifold
In the beginning some of the Aussiespeed manifolds were reproductions of the Cain manifolds but due to some opposition within the performance industry the Cain name was dropped and manifolds were branded with the Aussiespeed logo only. The manifolds were simply copies and with the help of our pattern maker copies of the tooling were made  from castings that were purchased second hand. The internals of the manifolds were changed apart from the external look it was the only thing that resembled the John Cain range of manifolds.
AS0013 Aussiespeed 2 Barrel manifold Ford 6 cylinder alloy head
The Aussiespeed range of Ford 6 cylinder performance 2 barrel and 4 barrel manifolds is second to none.
Current Model.
This 2 barrel manifold is the little brother of the AS0015 2 barrel manifold, it delivers excellent torque and acceleration for mild street engines, standard saloon speedway cars, cars used for towing.
The smaller runners and plenum deliver great airspeed, dont be fooled by its outer shape as the runners and plenum have a few trick that make it great across the rev range.
 RPM range just of idle to 4900 rpm great for alloy head 250 street cars, mild modified engines, speedway and dirt circuit where a varied rpm is used and torque is more important than high RPM.
AS0015 Aussiespeed 2 Barrel manifold Ford alloy head xflow engine
Current Model.
The AS0015 suits XE XF Falcon and Ford Cortina fitted with Ford 4.1 250 6cyl Aluminum head cross flow engine 2 barrel manifold, accepts 320 350 & 500 2 Barrel Holley carburettor. This manifold will not accept 2 barrel ADM Weber as used std on most 3.3 & 4.1 crossflow engines in XE and XF Falcon. This manifold is larger in port volume than std manifold with revised runner shape and length. The molded plenum floor increases air speed and helps to even the distribution. The manifold are supplied in a std blasted finish or special orders can be placed for the great looking ceramic coated inlet manifolds.
as0015-aussiespeed-2b-manifold-coated lr
Flow figures supplied by a customer on his cylinder head for the Aussiespeed 2 barrel Ford xflow alloy head manifold are around 209 CFM out of the box. Variation between port flow is 3%. With additional porting higher flow figures could be achieved. The variation in flow is just as important as the total flow of a manifold especially when running a carburetor. Even flow makes more power and torque as the cylinder fill is more even & it helps with even fuel distribution without each cylinder receiving a richer mixture. The problem with many 6 cylinder manifolds is to achieve maximum horsepower in dyno tests staggered jetting is used to try to balance mixtures to compensate for uneven manifold flow. The AS0015 Aussiespeed 2 barrel manifold is not suited to standard engine wanting to upgrade to a Holley 350 or 500 without other internal mods. It does sacrifice bottom end torque and performance and is a great circle track manifold or for engines with low diff gears, manual transmission or high stall torque convertors.
The AS0015  also can be fitted with the bolt in plenum pig AS0242 it will reduce the plenum volume helping to shift the torque curve of the engine down and still make good strong top end horsepower.
The AS0242 plenum pig is an easy to fit bolt in insert that locates on the small squashed octopus shape on the plenum floor, it increases air speed and gives better throttle response  and has even increased over all power in some engines.
adam-jorgensen-cortina-win lr
The AS0015 Ford alloy head 2 barrel manifold has been used in speedway classes where modifications are open with the limitation to a 2 barrel carb and manifold. Adam found an increase in engine performance with his 250 crossflow powered Cortina when he switched to the Aussiespeed manifold.
AS0128 Aussiespeed 4 Barrel manifold Ford 6 cylinder alloy head
The AS0128 was developed for highly modified engines that required a manifold with larger ports similar to a 2V Cleveland and were fitted with a high stall convertor or a stick shift manual gearbox . It was used on high out put street engines and for drag racing.
The AS0128 manifold has been replaced by the AS0016.
AS0137 Aussiespeed 4 Barrel manifold Ford 6 cylinder alloy head
Produced in very limited numbers the AS0137 manifold was a very large runner and plenum manifold that was designed for all out competition engines. It had big ports, a very wide runner and big open plenum. There are very few naturally aspirated engines that required a manifold of this size. The Aussiespeed AS0137 Ford alloy head 4.1 250 cross flow 4 barrel Holley bolt Squarebore pattern manifold can only be described as a monster performer in the high rpm range. With the performance gain we achieved with the AS0128 we decided to go a step further with the Ford 6 manifold with modifications to the main runner out of the plenum,we have reduced the plenum area and decreased the port size for a bolt on fit.This manifold was simply to large for street engines, and had limited use for drag racing and speedway engine as it performed in the high RPM range only.The AS0137 has since been replaced with the AS0016, the AS0016 has seen dyno results around 400 horsepower on a naturally aspirated engine.
The AS0137 has been replaced by the AS0016
AS0016 Aussiespeed 4 Barrel manifold Ford 6 cylinder alloy head
Current Model.

The Aussiespeed Ford Cross Flow Manifold AS0016 Has Been Used On N/A Engines Producing around 400 Horse Power

We believe this manifold is the best Ford 6 4 barrel ford we have designed so far so much so it has superseded the previous Aussiespeed Ford crossflow 4 barrel manifolds. Our development started with the Help of Adelaide engine builder & drag racer the late Dave Adams.It was very unfortunate that Dave passed away before he has a chance to see the results of our manifold & his engine combination.
After being contacted by a Western Australian engine builder Glen from GP Engines regarding the further development of the manifold we have revised the manifold & have had some very pleasing results.We are waiting for some final dyno figures and 1/4 mile times on some comparisons of our own range of Ford 6 manifolds to see the improvements over our previous models.This manifold features high velocity port design and can be bolted straight on without porting or for increased flow for racing application can be enlarged to feed high horsepower and lpg powered engines.


The AS0016 was again put to the test when NSW performance engine shop Big H Racing contacted us at Aussiespeed regarding a high out put 250 crossflow they were building information and results were supplied by big H racing.


As you can see by the photo Big H racing had started building the 6 cylinder Ford performance engine back in 2009. The AS0016 Aussiespeed manifold was flow tested with the cylinder head and flowed 223CFM out of the box.The figure for even flow per port was 2.5%. Recent dyno test produced 365 horse power with flat tappet camshaft.


The engine is fitted to a very neat sleeper looking Ford Cortina.


The Cortina has run many 11 second quarter mile passes and uses a single 4 barrel carb no nitrous oxide, turbo or supercharger.


Further development has been continuing with the guys still finding more increases and faster quarter mile times. A new combination using the AS0016 has made just over 400 Horsepower.

Plenum Insert For the AS0016


The Aussiespeed plenum pig was first used in the Aussiespeed Cain Hemi style manifold and could also be fitted to the John Cain Hemi manifold, it gave some hemi 6 engine owners a big increase as it totally changed the characteristics of the engine when the plenum pig was fitted to the manifold on some engines. We also spent some time on developing a similar insert for the Ford AS0016 Aussiespeed manifold and feedback from customers was great, increased torque in the lower RPM range with increases in the upper RPM range on some engines.


Fitting is very simple and requires 1 hole to be drilled through the manifold and if care is taken can be done without removing the manifold.


The first thing to do once the carburetor is removed and the plenum pig cleaned is to drop it in as pictured. It is a bit of a Rubics cube so follow the pics and it can save some frustration.


rotate the insert and push it forward or backwards to be able to turn the insert so it can get close to the flat sitting position.


With the insert locks into position as it sits over the smaller shaped squashed octopus that is cast into the plenum floor. Simply drill a 6.5mm hole through the plenum floor using the pre drilled  hole in the plenum pig as a guide. we recommend using a sealant on the washer included in the kit.

Aussiespeed Ford 250 crossflow 4 barrel manifold AS0016 was recently fitted to a Street driven 250 crossflow powered Cortina. The car was prefitted with the new Aussiespeed AS0016 before the drag meeting and the other manifold re installed and driven to the street meet, after the first run which the car had run for the last 11 months {13.4 to 13.7 } it ran a 13.6 second quarter mile time.The guys did a manifold change in the pits and with the 2nd run of the night and the first run with the new Aussiespeed AS0016 the car dropped from a 13.6 second pass to a 12.98. This calculates to over a 30HP gain.


AS0014 Aussiespeed 2 Barrel manifold Ford 6 OHC 3.9, 4.0L manifold.
Current Model.
AS0012 Aussiespeed 4 Barrel manifold Ford 6 OHC 3.9, 4.0L manifold.
as0012-ea-to-au-ford-4-barrel-manifold lr
AS0012 Is A Current Model.
2V Ford 250 inline 6 cylinder performance inlet manifold  AS0011
AS0011 Is A Current Model Manifold
AS0031 Aussiespeed 4 Barrel manifold Ford 6 DOHC .
Aussiespeed have had many requests from customers wanting to replace the factory fuel injection manifold on Ford Falcon 6 cylinder OHC motor as fitted to EA EB ED EF & AU 6 cylinder FORD six engines competing in speedway saloon car classes due to rules regulating std computers & fuel injection systems & guys converting the over head camshaft engines to early falcons & cortinas. Well the Aussie Speed R&D team have just completed a new 2 barrel manifold to suit Holley 350 & 500 2 barrel carbs suitable for petrol,avgas & methanol. When used with a modified electronic distributor from xe to xf non computer controlled 4.1 cross flow dizzy, the manifold can be used as a bolt on with great horse power increases & hassle free tuning.
Port size on the 2 barrel Ford 250 manifold is just under gasket size, to allow for bolt up without removing & porting to suit the Ford head.

 Aussiespeed Ford six phenolic manifold spacer range.

Aussiespeed are helping cross flow Ford Falcon and Cortina owners extract every bit of horse power they can with the locally manufactured phenolic manifold heat shield spacer. CNC machined from 6mm bakerlite a thermosetting polymer insulating material these can be used on any Ford crossflow aluminum performance manifold.Aussiespeed also manufacture a 2 barrel 6mm heat shield and a 6mm thick 4 barrel squarebore heat shield.

Aussiespeed Manifolds & Old School Speed Equipment Co.

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