Brilliant Metal Polish

We have all seen the adds and social media posts about a product or gismo that when we receive it we are disappointed. We were approached by the owner of Briliant Polish a few years back not regarding the polish but about Australian made products and getting them into global markets. I asked to buy some of the polish then things happened and i didnt get it for well over a year after contact.

I made the call to buy a bottle of each and a few days later it arrivedĀ  and i thought i would put it to the test. One thing we have alway found difficult with selling polished aluminium is cleaning it before shipping. Finger marks, packaging marks were all a concern. We sold a Weiand polished supercharger snout that had been sitting on the shelf for quite a while that had to go to a customer in the USA of all places. Yep me I got the job and i thought this is going to take ages. After reading the directions and applying a tiny amount as the directions on the Briliant polish bottle say i thought this stuff works.

aluminium polished rocker cover brilliant polish

The aluminium & stainless steel polish can be used by both hand and machine. We have started to use it in our polishing shop for the final shine on the Aussiespeed polished range.

chrome polish for bumper bars and moldings

From our experience with the Briliant polish range we now offer it to customers to polish and maintain both polished engine components, bumper bars, chrome moldings and surrounds and many other components.


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