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Aussiespeed Street & Race Performance Products publish information related to our products in a blog format as well as information related to products on our website and in the web store. Links posted on this page may be of some help when installing a product or requiring additional information on Aussiespeed Performance Products.

We have developed a carb adapter here at Aussiespeed that can turn most 4 barrel Quick Fuel, Holley and Barry Grant Square Bore 4 barrel carbs sideways. Listed below is a link to the article.

How to fit the AS0110 Aussiespeed east west carb adapter

Header pipes and wrapping in materials for various reasons can have a benefit, there is also a down side and this story explains some of them. If you want to cover a header pipe to protect yourself from burning parts of your body we show a way it can be done without causing as much damage as a fully wrapped pipe.

Exhaust and header pipe wraps the negative effects

Many of the older guys may remember a twin overhead cam cylinder head that was made in Australia by a guy called Bob Krogdahl, we were lucky enough to speed some time with Bob to get an insite on his cylinder head, the manufacturing process and how they were machined and testing that Bob carried out.

Krogdahl Holden Cylinder Heads

Bob Krogdahl also produced a cylinder head for the Ford 6 cylinder engine

Ford six cylinder Krogdahl cylinder head



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