Stripmaster Manifolds

Stripmaster Manifolds were developed and designed For Holden V8 308 engines using B cast factory modified cylinder heads , Yella Terra cast iron and work well with dash 3 Yella Terra aluminum cylinder heads. The Holden V8 manifold was designed & developed by Peter Michael of PM engines. In 2010 the pattern equipment was purchased by Australian High Performance Industries the makers of Aussiespeed® street & race performance products.

stripmaster more torque

The Holden V8 strip master pattern equipment was in rather worn condition externally and after assessing the Holden V8 manifold pattern it was decided that a rework & removal of some excess aluminum from the casting was called for. You can be assured that the internals of the
manifold have not been altered. The Aussiespeed® Strip Master manifold is slightly lighter in weight, the surface finish is a shot blasted stress relieved satin aluminium finish, it is machined for a standard deck height and many require additional machining to suit your cylinder head and block deck heights. A Recent independent  dyno test showed the Holden V8 Stripmaster manifold gained 50 horse power and over 100 foot pounds of torque on a modified standard stroke 308 motor in a back to back test against another after market performance manifold. Aussiespeed ® offer a range of rocker covers, timing covers, valve cover spacers and many other performance parts for Holden 253 & 308 engines.The Stripmaster was never designed for 331 or 355 stroker engines and there are other quality brands on the market that will make more total horse power at higher RPM if a torque monster is what you want the stripmaster is worth considering.

After receiving the first casting the manifold was cut up so we could check wall thickness & port location of the casting. The strip master manifold always had an excellent reputation as a manifold that was a true Holden v8 performer, as with all our products we like to double check that Aussiespeed performance products deliver the best possible products to our customers.

The stripmaster has an overall height of 140mm measured from the flats on the base of the manifold to the highest point of the carb pad.


The only changes we have done are external changes to the tooling to reduce some weight out of the manifold


The Peter Michaels Strip Master manifold to suit early Holden b type cast cylinder heads. Aussiespeed had Dandy Engines put the manifold through its paces on the dyno engine was a hot street Holden 308 engine they were building for a customer.

engine master lou dandy engines

Lou & Sab from Dandy Engine service were both smiling knowing that now they could offer there customers a 308 Holden engine package that delivered lots of torque,power & the reliability with the new release of the AussieSpeed Stripmaster Holden V8 manifold.

holden v8 manifold

The dandy engines built Holden 308 was run with a modified dual plane inlet manifold, with the stripmaster fitted in a back to back run the engine gained a straight up 50 horsepower with no carb jetting or ignition timing changes

dandy engines engine dyno melbourne victoria

With the 308 Holden at operating temperature Lou from Dandy Engines gives the engine its first wide open throttle run, the torque the engine made from the manifold swap were amazing. with more torque power is also increased giving an over all better total horse power figure
Manifold has 1 only 3/8 NTP water jacket fitting next to the thermo housing. 1 only 1\4 NTP thread in the plenum for vacuum take off.
Since the introduction of the Stripmaster manifold we have continued ways of improving fitment, reducing weight of the casting and improving port alignment. In 2021 we introduced  CNC port profiling of the Aussiespeed Holden v8 range of intake manifolds. The port profile and water jacket are profiled within 1 mm of the factory cast iron cylinder head shape. This allows for the intake to be bolted straight on or reduces the hours if you are doing your own custom port design to match your cylinder heads.
The Stripmaster Holden V8 manifold when used with spacers on the end of the manifold can be used with Dash 9 Yella Terra heads.

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