AS0169dp Holden six 12 port manifold ADM Weber

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Holden 6 cylinder 12 port 2850 and 3.3 litre engine inlet manifold to suit Weber ADM Ford Falcon 2 stage twin barrel Weber carburetor. The Weber conversion is not as popular as it once was is still done by some modified engine owners. The AS0169DP is a dual pattern 2 barrel performance inlet manifold that fits Holden 12 port cylinder heads but our testing has found the manifold performs better as common runner rather than using a divided inlet port runner like the factory Varijet manifold. The AS0169 Aussiespeed manifold is drilled to suit  both Holley 350 and 500 2 barrel carbs and Ford Crossflow 2 barrel ADM weber. When fitting the Weber carb some additional grinding may be required to the carb pad or carburetor base.The manifold has one x 1/4 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.