Slant 6 Chrysler Aussiespeed Super 6 Manifold Suit Holley or Carter 2 barrel

AUD $685.00


Aussiespeed super 6 Chrysler Valiant Slant 6 intake manifold. This manifold accepts 2 barrel B&B carter or 2300 Holley 350 or 500 cfm carbs.


This Aussiespeed slant six manifold is a 2 barrelĀ  will accept 2 barrel Carter carburettors as well as 350 500 Holley 2 barrel carbs and throttle body fuel injection.

The manifold offers the same performance as the other short runner Aussiespeed manifolds except with the carter carb bolt pattern

The manifold is 30cm or just under 12 inches from the cylinder head face to the widest outer edge of the carby pad.

chrysler 225 performance upgrade

Runners 2 and 5 measured from the head flange face shows outer runner edge measurement if fitting to a tight engine bay.

plymouth 225 engine

runners 1 and 6 are the same length

slant 6 performance manifold

The Aussiespeed AS0570-s6 has a textured grid cast into the plenum floor that can help with fuel re introduction in cases of fuel drop out due to over fuelling, cold operating temperatures, or a fast drop in air speed due to deceleration.

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Weight 9.00 kg