Single Throttle body right angle ACTIVE adapter AS0563


EFI right angle 90 degree throttle body adapter manufactured by Active Performance. The over all height  is 145mm high, the centre bore size of 87mm so will accept up to 85mm throttle body, has o-ringed base for boosted application.  These are cast and machined in Australia and are cast from the original tooling from the Inner Active range of manifolds, efi hats, injector cups and various EFI products.

throttle body right angle

At the rear of the adapter there is a cast raised pad where fittings can be drilled and tapped or welded into the housing, the sand cast housing can be easily drilled, tapped and welded. It is not a cheap brittle import casting.

The Active EFI adapter is machined for an O ring which is ideal for forced induction application. The oring can be replaced with a paper gasket.


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Weight 5.0 kg