Weber IDF to IDA carburettor adapter AS0616

AUD $239.00


Designed and developed for a race car team in the Netherlands the Aussiespeed IDF to IDA throttle body adapter and be used to go from IDA back to IDF.

weber performance australia carb adapter

The Aussiespeed adapter is supplied with the carb face CNC machined and both IDF carb mount and IDA carb face mount drilled to a 5/16 UNC tapping size. We do this so the adapter can be used either way. You will need to tap the carb flange holes and drill the clearance holes for the manifold side.

weber carburetors australia

The adapter has a sweeping transmission from both carb bores and from flange to flange is 40mm high. The adapters are sand cast and can be machined and welded for any additional fittings.

IDF weber to IDA weber adapter

The bore size for the ADM size is mm with the IDA size mm

weber manifold ford clevor

Aussiespeed AS0194 is fitted with 4 AS0616 adapters to change the manifold from IDF weber to IDA weber carbs. You are buying 1 only adapter.

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