Active Fuel injection 4 barrel base or carb spacer AS0555R

AUD $239.00


This one is from the Active Performance range the sand cast aluminum adapter can be fitted with any squarebore throttle body or carburetor. The base has 2 layed back sides that can be drilled for fuel injection injectors when there is limited space to install direct port fuel injection. The adapter is 45mm tall and is drilled with clearance to go over a 5/16 stud on the bottom side and has 4 tapped 5/16 unc holes on the top.

The top viewaccepts traditional Holley, Quick Fuel, Barry Grant squarebore carburetors.

The manifold flange is wide and could be oringed for boosted application.

Angled sides allows for a number of injectors to be positioned under the carb mounting plate. Cast and machined here in Australia.

You are buying the adapter only, it does not include gaskets or studs


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Weight 4.0 kg