Eaton M112 Ford V8 supercharger adapter plate to 142/144 Weiand AS0512

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Aussiespeed AS0512 adapter allows for fitment of the Eaton M112 supercharger Ford 150 style to be fitted to Aussiespeed supercharger manifolds.

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The M112  is fitted with a rear integrated bypass valve that recirculates boost back through the supercharger and intake manifold on de acceleration . Aussiespeed also manufacture a front gear case that when fitted with an Aussiespeed cast alloy drive snout your supercharger can be retro fitted to most inline 6 cylinder or v8 engines and can be made to a length of 13 inches. This is a sand cast aluminum plate that has been shot blasted and can be machined, drilled, threaded to suit your own application.

The casting is 25mm thick


Picture is of a fully machined Aussiespeed AS0512 it uses standard gaskets and is drilled and tapped to M10 threads, supplied with 4 7/16 socket head cap screws only.


The underside of the AS0512 m112 adapter, a standard Weiand 142 gasket is used between the manifold and spacer and the standard M112 gasket is used between the topside of the plate and supercharger


We offer complete supercharger drive kits as well as single components.

WILL NOT FIT 2003 2004  cobra mustang supercharger Eaton m112 ford blower as it has a larger base. 

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