Holley 4 barrel side mount carb adapter Aussiespeed AS0213

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Aussiespeed AS0213, 4 Barrel east west,side mount  square bore Holley 465 up carb adapter to suit Aussiespeed new style inline 6 cylinder manifolds. includes adapter, base gasket, 4 socket head fastener.


The Aussiespeed range of 2 piece intake manifolds for 6 cylinder inlines allows access to the manifold plenum for any modifications and gives a wide range of carb choices.





AS0199 slant 6 manifold fitted with the 2 barrel Holley top plate.


Mounting your carb east west or turning it sideways has never been easier.

as0199 4 barrel slant six manifold

Mounting the 4 barrel Holley 465,570,600,650 and larger in the normal position can also be done with the Aussiespeed 2 piece intake manifolds.

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