AS0202 Holden 6, 3XDCOE Weber manifold short runner

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Holden 6 cylinder red & blue motor triple DCOE Weber manifold. Aussiespeed AS0202 has a shorter runner approximately 140mm length, AS0004 & AS0006 are 180mm.

holden 6 triple weber manifold

The measurement is from the head face to the carb mounting flange. The shorter runner allows fitment of the manifolds into engine bays of early Holdens like EH etc where clearance can be a problem. The manifold is multi drilled to suit both red & blue motor cylinder heads & additional porting can be done for those wanting to enlarge the ports. The manifold has one x 1/4 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.The manifold has mounting cast bosses for linkage mounts.


Aussiespeed AS0202 is a short runner style intake manifold shown here fitted to a set of 3 DCOE 45mm Webers. Aussiespeed currently do not sell the linkage kits, weber carburetors or air filter assemblies. Linkage bosses is drilled and due to different linkage options is supplied drilled but no thread is tapped in there. it has a pilot hole that is the correct size for 1/4  unf.

triple weber holden manifold


These are a multi drilled for both red and black blue motor cylinder heads. The manifold can be ported to suit you cylinder head. When you combine a big port, short runner and quick spread from cylinder head to dcoe weber body it should be noted that some additional grinding may be required to fit the manifold if you are running big pipes, big ports.

The manifold is supplied multi drilled to suit both 9 and 12 port cylinder heads. If you look at the pictures above you will notice the different bolt hole location for the 2 cylinder heads. The Yella Terra aluminum 12 port cylinder head is the same bolt pattern as the second manifold.


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