AS0015 Ford alloy head 250 manifold 2 barrel

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The AussieSpeed 2 barrel manifold has been used with great results in Speedway,dirt circuit,drag racing and on highly modified street engines. You can expect better torque & acceleration with the AS0015 with customer feedback reporting a CFM variation of around 3.5% on all 6 runners.The manifold accepts Holley 350 & 500 CFM carburetors and is not recommended for use with the factory ADM weber. This manifold has a large plenum and runner volume it requires a larger CFM carb modified cylinder head and camshaft. The manifold can also be used with blow through turbo chargers and works well on mildly modified straight LPG engines.The AS0015 is not suitable for very mild street engines and can be used with a AS0242 plenum pig that has been designed for the big two barrel manifold. A great performance manifold for racing classes limited to two barrel carbs.The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

as0015 falcon 2b au

The AS0015 may only be a 2 Barrel but it is a big one, not the ideal intake manifold for near stock 200 or 250 cubic inch engine

adam-jorgensen-cortina-win lr

Adam Jorgensen takes another win in his cortina, Adam uses an out of the box AussieSpeed AS0015 two barrel manifold on his 6 cylinder Ford 6 cylinder speedway engine.


Ceramic coated black was what the customer required for his Ford alloy head 250 crossflow build, pictured is an AS0015, AS0046 valve cover and Aussiespeed air cleaner

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