M90 Eaton Gen 5, M112 Eaton supercharger AS0482R

AUD $359.00


Cast aluminum Aussiespeed front super charger housing to suit Eaton M112 and Generation 5, Eaton M90 superchargers,  with an 8 bolt gear case ,these later style super chargers are the type that are imported and not the Holden commodore type. When used with Aussiespeed AS0480 2 piece supercharger drive it allows for retro fitting the supercharger to other engines..


The cover is fitted with an oil filler plug.


Aussiespeed also manufacture a super charger drive snout, snout mounted tensioner, snout mounted support bracket and the single bolt hub has a machined 3/16 keyway and the pulley is bolted to the hub. No special tools required for pulley changes, the snout bearings and seals can be replaced and rebuilt.

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Weight 5.2 kg