V6 Commodore L67 tall valve covers supercharged ecotec 3.8 with platinum roller rockers AS0583B/AS0683B Black

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Aussiespeed black finish Tall V6 Commodore L67 Buick valve covers have been designed to suit from standard replacement supercharged valve covers and will also fit with Yella Terra Platinum Roller Rockers.


These use the standard factory oil cap.

The internals of the rocker covers are CNC profiled as an under cut is created to get clearance for the roller rockers.

We have tried to make them fit from standard replacement of the plastic valve covers to engines with High Lift camshafts and different injectors.

An alternator riser bracket is included in this kit. The sand cast rocker covers areĀ  aluminiumĀ  and are CNC machined to fit. The covers are supplied with 2 paper gaskets and will not accept factory gaskets.


Includes pair of black finish valve covers, 2 gaskets, alternator bracket extension, Rocker cover hold down bolts not included but can be purchased as Aussiespeed part number as0227 . Rocker cover part number for covers AS0583B oil filler hole AS0683B blank cover

The alternator bracket lifts the alternator higher to give clearance for the taller rocker covers. The external height of the covers is 75mm and internal height of the rocker covers is 68mm.


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