ICE Slant 6 225 supercharged turbo charged ignition kit

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We have supplied many customers with supercharger kits and components for turbo charging there slant six engine. . We have found the ICE Ignition kit to give our customers a complete package when it comes to forced induction ignition for both supercharged and turbo charged set ups.


Kit includes.

Slant 6 billet distributor, spark plug leads, coil, wiring harness, ignition box.

The 7061BR kit is a popular package aimed at mildly to highly modified street cars with forced induction such as turbochargers or blowers.  The 7061BR features a built in non adjustable 10 degree advance curve. It derives its tune-ability through its 2.5 bar MAP sensor providing vacuum advance and adjustable boost retard that can give as little as 1/10th of a degree up to 1 degree of timing retard per pound of boost as well as a single fully adjustable RPM limiter. This provides easy and effective tune-ability for all combinations with the added security of an RPM limiter to protect the engine. It results in excellent performance and exceptional long term reliability.

Kit includes:
ICE Billet 6061-T6 alloy distributor with small cap .
7 Amp digital ignition control with signal LED indicator, dedicated tach output and an RPM limiter adjustable from 1000rpm through to 10900rpm in 100rpm increments.
Suitable for 6cyl supercharged or Turbo Charged engines
High voltage ICE Pro Series Race Coil.
9mm Pro 100 Series plug wire kit to suit your engine with numbers markers.

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