Ford 250 Crossflow Alloy Head Supercharger kit NON Power Steering

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Ford Falcon alloy head supercharger kit, designed for Ford 6 cylinder engines that are not fitted with power steering or air conditioning such as early Falcons and Cortina’s


Intake manifold and support bracket are included in the kit, 1 M10 hole is required to fit the support bracket to the engine mount.


Kit includes chemically bonded harmonic twin rib balancer, 6 rib supercharger crank pulley. Bottom Blower pulley . A steel crankshaft spacer is included  and required mounting bolts. WE DO REQUIRE A 3 BOLT FACTORY BALANCER AS AN EXCHANGE UNIT


The kit includes manifold, manifold support and hardware, blower base gasket, blower holdown bolts, top pulley, supercharger snout, gasket, mounting bolts, snout support kit including 3/8 unc to M10 head adapter, snout mounted belt tensioner, supercharger drive belt, Harmonic balancer, bottom pulley spacer, supercharger bottom pulley, supercharger synthetic oil. Basically every thing less supercharger. The kit is designed to be used with Weiand 142 and 144 superchargers. The snout length supplied with this kit is shorter than the power steering drive snout.

Complete kits also available including supercharger


Fitting is a bolt up operation and requires 2 x 10mm holes to be drilled. One is into the power steering pump bracket for the snout support the other is into the engine mount bracket for the manifold support. The kit can be used with standard power steering and air conditioning length belts.

If you check out our supercharger page and select the blower you want and add the 2 together it will give you the price of the complete kit.


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