Ford 250 2V supercharger intake manifold AS0032

AUD $825.00


Ford 6 cylinder 2v 250 supercharger manifold to suit weiand 142, weiand 144, with an adapterĀ  an M90 Eaton or 112 Eaton supercharger can be fitted.


The manifoldĀ  is supplied machined and does not include a backfire valve as it isnt required when running a ribbed belt, the cylinder head face is machined and drilled to bolt straight on to Falcon, Cortina and Mustang inline powered cars fitted with the 2V 250 cylinder head. The manifold is made and machined in Australia and can be shipped world wide.


AS0139 dual carb intake shown for reference fitted to an AS0032 blower manifold

Blower Kits Available Shortly For Ford 6 Cylinder Engines Fitted With A 2V Head

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Weight 10.0 kg