Ford 4.1 Cross-flow 6 cylinder alloy rocker cover polished

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Ford cross-flow 4.1 Falcon engine tall alloy rocker cover made in Australia by Aussiespeed this is the finned oval design polished to a bright finish. Suits Ford 6 cylinder cast iron and alloy cross-flow 200 & 250 engines as fitted to Cortina and Falcons. This rocker cover is 65mm tall and has plenty of height to clear roller rockers. Aussiespeed cone style cast in oil breather shrouds are a part of the rocker covers so no extra plates or baffles required. The cover will not fit with out mods being done to the factory fuel injection manifold over head plenum.The cover is supplied with oil cap grommet and pcv grommet and uses AS0035 oil cap and AS0083 socket head bolt kit not included, both available separately


Aussiespeed also manufacture matching air cleaners and are available in our online speedshop.

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