E85 Quick Fuel 650 cfm Double Pumper Blower Carburetor

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Q Series Carburetor for E-85 Fuel on a supercharged 1×4 single 4 barrel carb application.  Built for the ultimate blend in performance and drive-ability. This carburetor features jet extensions and a notched float with all the tuning you features you would expect from a carburetor that’s ready to race. Street duty is no sweat for the Q-Series with it’s built in vacuum tubes and 4-corner idle and also feature shortened throttle levers for clearance. An external vacuum reference tube has been added for the power valve to connect to the intake manifold with a hose. This allows the power valve to see only positive pressure at Wide Open Throttle, eliminating the possibility of the power valve closing if the supercharger starts to “out run” the carb. The specially designed throttle body features built in channels to guide excess fuel from the top of the throttle plates around the throttle shafts and back into the intake manifold. This lessens the possibility of the fuel build up running out the throttle shafts onto the hot intake manifold.

~ Specifically engineered for the use of E85 pump fuel, this carburetors has all of the calibration and required components to use E85 fuel right out of the box.

~ Aluminum main body, and fuel bowls with QuickSet sight windows on both sides make for easy float adjustment

~ Billet metering blocks and throttle body ensure leak and porosity-free sealing between circuits with unmatched adjustability

~ QuickLink™ secondary linkage adjustment

~ Lightweight aluminum main body

~ QuickLink™ secondary linkage adjustment

~ Aluminum fuel bowls with dual sight glass windows

~ Billet metering blocks with 4-corner idle system

~ Changeable idle feed and power valve channel restrictions

~ Billet aluminum throttle body provides exceptional precision and strength

~ Teflon® coated and sealed shafts that have been slabbed for added air flow

~ Each carburetor is hand-assembled and engine tested in the USA!


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