Quick Fuel 650 polished mechanical 4 barrel carb

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The Quick Fuel 650 double pumper is a cast aluminum polished body carb  by QFT ® has all the features of big dollar carburetors with the big difference being the price. The 650 CFM carb has 4 corner idle adjustment screws, quick change air bleeds, fuel bowl sight plugs, down leg boosters the secondary opening rate is adjustable for a more tunable carb for street and strip cars.

  • All models feature a fully adjustable electric choke for easy starting.
  • Dual metering blocks w/4-corner idle for smooth and efficient idle quality.
  • Screw-in air bleeds and idle feed restrictions for quick and unsurpassed tuning capability.
  • Dual inlet fuel bowls with QuickSet sight glass windows on both fuel bowls for safe and easy float adjustment.
  • Universal throttle lever with sealed throttle shafts for years of smooth operation.
  • Tuneable secondary opening rate.
  • Tumble polished for long lasting shine.

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