Aussiespeed 4 barrel manifold AS0142 + AS0084 Ford 240 300 4.9L Big 6

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Ford 240. 300 or 3.9L Ford inline 6 cylinder Aussiespeed 4 barrel manifold and plenum insert shifts the rpm range of the manifold by boosting velocity and jumping up bottom end torque even more.  The manifold has a fuel dropout tray cast into the plenum floor and with the plenum pig mounted centrally in the manifold it removes plenum volume for those look for more torque and pulling power. The carburetor flange allows for the SQUAREBORE Holley, Quick Fuel and EFI throttle bodies using the same flange bolt pattern as Squarebore Holley carbs, The dual drilled bolt pattern allows for carbs to be mounted both Forward or sideways facing.


Length from head to carb pad at widest point 287mm

The AS0142 has been used on not only vehicles for performance it has also been used on many Trucks that haul big loads.

Aussiespeed AS0142 manifold runner length measured from the cylinder head face to the manifold outer runner on cylinder 1

Cylinder number 2 runner measured from the head flange.

Cylinder number 5 on the Aussiespeed AS0142 measured from the head face.

Runner number 6 length measured from the head face, it also has a drilled and taped vacuum port for brake boosters and accessories. The vacuum  fitting in number 6 intake runner thread is 1/4 NPT

NOTE WE HAVE HAD 1 CUSTOMER WHO HAS FITTED OUR INTAKE WITH EFI HEADERS AND HAS HAD DIFFICULTY GETTING THE EXHAUST TO SEAL. We are developing our own dual cast iron exhaust headers for the big 6. While we have sold alot of these intakes we have not had feedback as to what exhaust manifolds or headers others have used.

Thanks to Levi for the pics supplied of his  successful fit up of a set of 300 Ford EFI headers with a minimum of modifications. As with any after market performance product, take the time to fit it correctly.

a bit of a reshape on one runner made it easier to get a socket on the stud and nut.

A small amount removed from the runner flange achieved a perfect seal on the Aussiespeed 300 intake manifold.

The clamping washer has done the job, take the time and do the fit up right. This is the rear of the engine

The front bunch of headers looking down from the top. almost looks looks a factory fit up

Dual EFI 300 headers fitted to an Aussiespeed big 6 manifold, access to bolts is good on the underside.

Front bunch of 3 fitted to the Aussiespeed Ford 300 manifold.

Since the pictures above were added we have had many customers fit our Ford 300 manifolds with the EFI headers, they have been run with carburettors and EFI systems like the Holley Sniper.

Ford 300 fitted with Aussiespeed AS0142 manifold, polished valve cover and polished sideplate

DUE to many different manufactures of headers we would appreciate feedback on what you have and havent been able to fit with our intakes.

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