Aussiespeed 3 pin supercharger snout AS0460r-273 Eaton

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Australian made Aussiespeed supercharger drive assembly is available in many different lengths and can be used with 3 pin M90 M112 Eaton style superchargers. This part number is supplied in our

Chrysler 245,265 with generation 5 M90 Eaton supercharger
Chevrolet 250,292 with single crank pulley and generation 5 M90 Eaton supercharger
Ford 200,250 Crossflow 6 cylinder non power steering with generation 5 M90 Eaton supercharger
M90 Generation 5 Eaton supercharger kit when using all Aussiespeed components.

Aussiespeed AS0460 snouts must be used with AS0482 gear case.

This drive is 273mm long it is supplied with top 4 bolt hub, key way steel, dome head centre bolt ,  washer, 4 pulley mounting bolts .


Our supercharger drives will accept snout mounted belt adjuster and an easy to fit support arm.

Aussiespeed manufacture our own gear cases to replace the 1 piece type.

Aussiespeed street supercharging manufacture our own supercharger shafts, 3 pin drives. Our snouts are 100% brand new.