Polished Supercharger snout spline drive kit Holden 6 Weiand, 192 Blower Shop

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This supercharger drive assembly is designed to be used on Weiand 142, 144 and 192 cubic inch Blower Shop superchargers when fitting to Holden 6 cylinder red, black and blue motor engines when using a standard harmonic balancer. It is supplied with snout support, tensioner arm and mechanical tensioner.


The complete assembly with 77.5mm top pulley is supplied in this kit.


The drive on the left is the Eaton 3 pin drive dog, the snout on the right with the splined shaft is supplied with this kit.


The polished snout is supplied with a steel 4 bolt pulley hub that is fixed to the drive shaft with a 3/16 key, 4 bolts retain the top pulley to the hub so no special tools are required for pulley changes.