AS0290 GM 6/71supercharger tunnel ram base plate

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Aussiespeed tunnel ram Intake manifold universal supercharger mounting plate
Aussiespeed Tunnel ram and Supercharger top mounting plate this top can be adapted to suit most superchargers designed around a GM 71 series other superchargers can be fitted with additional machining. The top can be adapted to Cain style tunnel rams with a little extra work.It is recommended that there be additional fasteners or the top we welded to the tunnel ram as the amount of force from a supercharger requires a very strong mounting point to the tunnel ram base..
The under side of the AS0290 supercharger tunnel ram base plate
Aussiespeed AS0290 GM 71 seres tunnel ram plate fitted to a 2V Cleveland Aussiespeed tunnel ram
Holden 253/308 tunnel ram fitted with Aussie speed AS0290 supercharger adapter the adapter has a centrally located backfire valve fitted to the manifold.
The picture shows the length of the opening on the tunnel ram, the backfire valve is set for low boost applications. High boost engines may require a larger burst panel.
For those fabricating an intake we hope these measurements make it easier to mount your supercharger.
with of the opening
65mm is the height of the Aussiespeed AS290
A polished version can be supplied.

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Weight 15.0 kg