AS0074 supercharger manifold Holden 9 port

AUD $985.00


Holden 149 to 2002 red motor 9 port cylinder head intake manifold to suit M90 Terra charger yella terra supercharger. Aussiespeed have invested many hours in developing a manifold for Holden six cylinder engines to use the 1.5L supercharger that can be used as a radial or carburetor on top or axial rear entry with LPG, with a carburetor or fuel injection.

The manifold is supplied with a back fire valve kit that is pre machined to the side of the manifold and has a provision for an idle air bypass valve at the rear of the super charger intake.


A engine being built with an under bonnet supercharger kit using an Aussiespeed manifold, this manifold can be used with both fuel injection or carburetor.


Aussiespeed manifold set up with a radial style supercharger carburetor on top.

Kit prices using the Terra Charger start from $5700.00 without fuel systems


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Weight 10.0 kg