AS0049 Quad IDF Holden V8 manifold 253/308

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Aussiespeed Holden V8 IDF Weber manifold suits 253, 308 engines wanting to run quad webers.
The Aussiespeed IDF Quad weber Holden V8 intake manifold offers a low profile manifold with out the use of adaptors. The Height from the Carburettor pad on top of the manifold to the underside is 85mm. some extra drilling will be required to suit the 3 different styles of Holden 253 & 308 red, black & blue motor cylinder heads. The centre valley cover holes are part drilled.
as0050 holden v8 308 quad weber manifold
The Aussiespeed Holden V8 Quad weber manifold offers low profile design with a total height of 80mm from the base of the manifold to the top of the carburetor pads.
weber idf x4 holden
The Manifold ports are CNC port profiled 1mm under the cylinder head ports, this allows for the intake to be matched to modified cylinder heads with minimal material removal from a standard head.
holden v8 quad weber manifold
The manifold is cast & machined in Australia.
aussiespeed holden v8 manifold
The carburetor location allows for EFI throttle bodies to be bolted on.
efi throttle bodies holden v8
Aussiespeed AS0049 fitted with EFI throttle bodies.
V8 Holden Aussiespeed quad IDF weber manifold
As part of the machining process of our Holden V8 manifolds we do a CNC profile cut of the port exit on the cylinder head face. We go within 1mm of a factory cast port. This allows the intake manifold to be bolted to a factory cast iron red, blue or black cylinder head.
cnc ported holden v8 performance manifold
The 3 centre holes are semi drilled for the 3 different versions of the Holden cylinder heads. You will need to drill through 1 centre hole for the right model heads you are running. We fit its better than having to install plugs to block off the holes you dont use. It is recommended if you are building a performance engine you can blend/port the area behind the CNC ported face.

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