Slant six Aussiespeed Performance Product Info

Aussiespeed has a big line up when it comes to the slant six Chrysler engine. The long runner Hurricane intake manifold was one of the first slant 6 manifolds that Aussiespeed produced and the range has grown from that.

With long runner and short runner intakes, tubular exhaust headers, aluminum valve covers and air cleaners the list of slant six products has extended to gaskets, exhaust tabs and other dress up and accessories that fit the mighty leaning tower of power. Aussiespeed are always looking at new products to increase the performance of your engine. Unlike many companies we do not only look at products that will sell thousands on release but make a product for the selected market who want performance & quality above all else. We dont have huge advertising budgets & rely on customer satisfaction to spread the word of our extensive range of slant 6 performance products. Australian High Performance Industries or “Aussiespeed” as our brand is know is still run by its founder and not accountants who just look at profits above quality or performance gains.

Aussiespeed now manufacture the Dutra Duals in Australia, in 2018 after the Hotrod magazine story about a Slant 6 build the deal was done and new ownership of the tooling took place. The cast iron headers can be ordered from our online store that is located on the menu on the right hand side of the page.


Aussiespeed produce one of the largest range of performance intake manifolds for Slant 6 engines. Aussiespeeds range of tubular exhaust headers are made using the latest cnc bending machines and assembled in multi point welding fixtures to give repeatability and consistency. Aussiespeed Slant 6 headers are fully welded, ground then stress relieved in a purpose designed machine so the pipes will keep there shape after they have been heat cycled on your engine.

Slant 6 running an Aussiespeed AS0024 four barrel manifold. Thanks for posting your video Jordan.

175 RWHP from Jordans 225 powered VE Valiant.

Aussiespeed performance products fitted with Torqstorm supercharger kit.

As you can see by the picture the reverse engineering of these pipes was a huge job, First of we had to make a fixture to support the pipes in there original form & shape.


After getting the header plates made for the jig to allow us to get the exact port location you can see the repairs to the original primary pipes & flanges were but welded & have cracked & been welded may times before.


Once the front pipe fixture was built we then went about building the fixture for the rear bunch of pipes. To get repetition & accuracy you need to make sure that each section of pipe is held with 100% accuracy. There has been around 80 to 100 hours put into getting the front section & then the rear section reversed engineered.Each individual pipe has had to have a program written as to where the pipe is bent & formed plus the pipe length had to also be calculated.


When it came to any changes being made the fixture had to be changed first, then if the pipe was longer or shorter the cutting list was changed then the bending program. A tool designed to make the collector was also made to be able to form the collector to fit tight over the pipes.


keeping the pipes running in the right direction & having the pipes the correct length to get them to work across a wide rpm range was also a challenge. We wanted to get the Early A body Aussiespeed long tube headers to fit the Aussiespeed AS0023, AS0024, AS0225 Aussiespeed Blower manifold, The AS0199 2 & 4 barrel manifold & the latest addition the AS0299 short runner dual bolt pattern intake along with the factory stock cast intake, the long runner hyper pack & the other brands of performance after market brand manifolds that are available.

photo 2

We needed to keep room around the starter motor area when fitting the AussieSpeed headers, no use building headers that cook the windings in your starter motor.


The underside of the headers to the runners of the AussieSpeed AS0299 short runner manifold is still good.If you look close you will see the header to manifold tabs we also now make that are cut from steel & have a closer radius shoulder to accommodate the wide intake runner of the Aussiespeed Manifolds.





Pictures from some of our customers cars and projects from around the world


Dave from the USA has been a great ambassador for the Aussiespeed Slant 6 range of performance products doing his own track testing program & giving us details of the progress on the strip times & increased MPH his engines are making

 The All New AS0299 Short runner Slant 6 Performance Manifold

as0199 short runner slant six manifold & carb

The new AussieSpeed AS0299 short runner slant 6 manifold offers a forward & side mount carb pattern for squarebore carbs

as0199 with carb 

The new Slant 6 AussieSpeed manifold has lots of features including bosses for injection & vacuum brake booster fitting


The new AS0299 Slant 6 4 barrel intake manifold offers 2 carburettor mounting positions, the traditional primary fuel bowls to the front & sideways mount as pictured above. The AS0299 has a revised plenum with stippled floor & additional plenum flange height to clear throttle linkages



The AS0199 was a manifold that gives you the option of 3 different carb tops that interchange on the 1 manifold


The 2 barrel to allows for fitment of Holley 350 & 500 2 barrel carbs

as0199 4 barrel slant six manifold

This top allows for any 4 barrel squarebore carb from 390 vac right up to large double pumpers or high flow throttle bodies or 4 barrel LPG or Propane Gas mixers to be fitted in the normal front to back mounting configuration


This top allows for any 4 barrel squarebore carb from 390 vac right up to large double pumpers or high flow throttle bodies or 4 barrel LPG or Propane Gas mixers to be mounted in the east west or sideways position


The AS0214 2 barrel carb plate


The AS0212 carb plate is for mounting the carb in its standard front to back position

as0213 carburetor adapter aussiespeed

AS0214 mounts the carb sideways


 We get requests from customers regarding horsepower & torque increases when fitting the Aussiespeed hurricane manifold & headers. dyno figures & flow figures are something that can give you an idea of where you are going performance wise. Aussiespeed got some feedback & data from a customer in Canada regarding the 225 they are running in there street strip Valiant Dodge Swinger.

The car ran 9.2 with another brand after market manifold . The AS0024 AussieSpeed hurricane intake manifold and a 500 carter 4 barrel carb were fitted & the times dropped to 9.0. Both the set ups were ran using the same set of headers. the large bore AussieSpeed AS0198 headers were fitted & the car dropped again to 8.80. these tests were done over the 1/8th mile

The SL6 Performance slant six manifold was a joint effort between Pentastar parts & restorations & AussieSpeed. The manifold is being used on slant six Chryslers worldwide.
“Why NOT build a Slant Six”? The Chrysler 225 Slant Six engine is as they say the leaning tower of power, There have been some big steps forward with intake designs when it comes to building a performance slant 6. For Slant six owners considering the AussieSpeed PP&R 2 or 4 barrel manifold we have taken the guess work out of what if i change this or cut that or grind here or add something some where else. As the manifold is supplied out of the box our own flow testing done back to back with 2 different manifolds tested on our own flow bench showed that the manifold flows within 3cfm on all 6 runners. with the top of the carburettor pad cut out to 1 open hole it upset the cylinder balance by up to 14cfm. We then added a shape in the plenum floor that we had found improved another model manifold from another type of engine & it all went backwards. Cylinder flow increased in some cylinders decreased in others & changed from our 3 cfm difference to up to 18 cfm. As we have not been able to run our slant 6 dyno mule engine yet to see what extra gains can be found by raising the carburettor higher with the use of a carb spacer.
Tests have been done on the Aussiespeed/PP&R Hurricane 2 barrel manifold also for the slant six Chrysler engine.

slant-6- intake manifold-flow-bench lr

The AussieSpeed slant 6 Hurricane manifold bolted on the superflow flow bench.
aussiespeed-slant 6 hurricane-manifold carb pad lr
The 4 hole entry to the plenum works the best with the 4 barrel Slant 6 manifold Aussiespeed manifold. There is no need to cut it out as we have tried this already & it does more harm to flow than increasing it
as0024-kick-down-cable - 1
Aussiespeed long runner manifold fitted to an Automatic  Slant 6 powered car shows how the customer set up the throttle cable and kickdown for the automatic transmission.

AS0023 AussieSpeed Slant 6 chrysler 2 barrel performance manifold

This Slant six 2v manifold has many features that are not available on any other slant 6 manifold at this time.
as0023 slant 6 manifold
Features include.
fuel injection or nitrous oxide bosses.
Even length runners
Engine is fed from a central mounted carburetor for even cylinder fill.
Optional “DE ICER” pre heat plenum box to stop pooling on cold starts
slant 6-holley-scoop lr
as0170p sl6 valve cover & cap
Polished Slant six aluminum valve cover and finned oil cap

as0170b slant 6 black rocker cover

AS0170B Aussiespeed wrinkle black rocker cover a matching air cleaner is also available
AS0024 AussieSpeed Slant six Mopar 4 barrel performance manifold
WOW is the reaction we are getting on this total new style tower of power manifold.The manifold has been a joint effort between Aussie Speed & Pentastar Parts.Features of this manifold include. fuel injection or nitrous oxide bosses that are where they need to be. Six even length port runners Central mounted carburettor plenum with no short runners. Optional water heated box can be mounted to assist cold climates engine start up. Proudly Australian designed & made.The Hurricane range of AussieSpeed Slant 6 intake manifolds have a runner length of around 15″ from the head face to the outer carb pad mounting flange.


The new slant six V3 performance manifold flanges have a larger clamping area
behind the flange area is still enough room for nitrous oxide or bungs to be fitted for fuel injection


V2 PP&R AussieSpeed Hurricane Had larger bolt pads around the carburettor plenum area & some had reliefs machined in the flanges for retaining tabs on head flange


AS0040 AussieSpeed Slant 6 Chrysler,Valiant Mopar 225 Tube Hedders, Extractors, Headers
AussieSpeed Headers are made using mandrel bent primary & secondary pipes bent on a computer controlled mandrel bender that uses vertebrae type benders for the most accurate formed pipes. Our extractors are jig welded with the pipes fitted & welded over the collector cone so no protruding pipe inside the collector which causes turbulence . Our method gives greater exhaust flow & helps to make more horsepower, Aussiespeed Extractors are shot blasted to not only clean them before they are painted but shot peening removes sharp edges & stress relives the headers.
Aussiespeed Slant 6 Chrysler shorty headers have been designed to work with the Aussiespeed Hurricane Performance intake manifold, They can be used with other factory & aftermarket brands of intake manifolds including triple su & webers. Our hedders are designed to hopefully fit 1960s on Chrysler Valiant LHD & we already know they fit RHD Australian bodied Slant six powered cars & trucks. The extractors pictured are our prototypes, When we confirm they fit on left hand drive Chrysler,Mopar & Valiant bodied cars ,trucks & pickups the production short style headers will be supplied with flanges after the collectors so your local exhaust shop can complete your custom exhaust system.
Pictured is a Sl6 Aussie Speed V3 Hurricane and the Aussiespeed proto type AS0040 tube headers, The semi tuned length exhaust headers were designed to work with the equal length Hurricane intake manifold as a shorty style header for easy fitment but still have a long set of primary pipes to produce horse power over a wide rev range, Our Tube headers were not designed as all out race pipes & due to having to fit many different body styles a true even length full tuned primary pipe was not possible.They are a true street strip  universal header with button style flange pads that can be ground to suit most intake manifold flanges
AS0225 AussieSpeed Slant 6 Chrysler Valiant Supercharger manifold
Aussiespeed are working on a complete super charger kit for the Slant 6 updates will be available as work progresses. The manifold will be available as a std line for those wanting to do there own blower conversion. The benefit of the Yella Terra Terra Charger is a 4 barrel squarebore carb can be mounted on top of the blower. An Eaton M90 Ford mustang Tbird super charger is similar in size to the terra charger but will not accept a carburettor.
as0225-slant-6-supercharger-manifold proto type lr
Here are a few measurements on the AussieSpeed slant six range of performance manifolds. Length of manifold from port flange to outside of blower pad, 425mm overall length the average length of the manifold runners are 250mm, port centre-line measurements are 35mm high 28mm wide.The cylinder head used for proto typing & research & development had a port centerline of 36mm high, 30mm wide. There is enough material to allow for cylinder head match porting. the pre heat plenum deicer will also be available shortly. these are available by them selves & can be welded to most 4 barrel alloy manifolds.
The Aussiespeed Slant 6 supercharger kit fits neat and can be run on a stock engine with a few tuning mods.
The slant 6 powered slingshot dragster has old school looks with modern day technology.

Slant 6 Powered FED Slingshot Dragster being built by Evolution Motorsport In NSW Australia


Pics from a customer in the USA with this early Dodge pick up.

d150-dodge-engine - 1

The Aussiespeed intake fits up with the headers and has even been fitted with air conditioning.

d150-dodge-engine-aussiespeed - 1

The engine pictured is a later model Slant 6 engine that does not have the same bolt pattern as the early engine. In the later part of 2016 Aussiespeed will be adding a valve cover for the later model Slant Six engine.


If you want to run an electric water pump on your slant six Aussiespeed offer a solution with this water pump replacement. The plate is pre drilled to accept the standard Davies Craig water pump adapter neck. These are also available from our online speed shop by clicking the link below.

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Fitting your intake manifold and headers can be a tedious job. The Aussiespeed AS0190S batwings are a steel cut re profiled version of the factory Chrysler Slant 6 tabs that allow for larger runners. these can also be purchased from our online store.

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Evil Stick Cam Profiles For Slant 6 Engines.

Part number AS0465-1, 210/218 .432″.432″ 112 L/C – RPM range 1600 – 4600  Increases mid range power, good idle quality, this duel pattern will suit NA and makes very good torque with the Hurricane long runner 2 barrel manifold. The cam also works well with up to 6psi of boost in with our supercharger kits, needs valve spring upgrade, suit manual or auto.
Part number AS0465-2, 218/226 .430″.430″112 L/C – RPM range 2000 – 5000  Performance street cam, dual pattern will suit modified engine with long or short runner 4 barrel or supercharged slant 6 up to around 8+ pounds of boost. Will need improved  exhaust headers, will need valve spring upgrade, may need hi stall convertor if Auto.
Part number AS0465-3, 224/228 .480″.480″112 L/C – RPM range  2400 – 5800  Ideal for performance supercharged engine , can be used in non supercharged engines looking for a wide power band. application will need carbie, exhaust & valve spring upgrade, needs hi stall if Auto.
Part number AS0465-4, 224/228 .480″.480″108 L/C RPM range  2600 – 5800 Ideal for NA performance street, muscle car ideal ,needs head work for maximum power , need carbie exhaust & valve springs, needs hi stall if Auto

Part number AS0464-12
premium radius ground solid lifters to suit our Slant 6 camshafts

Part number AS0564-12
Valve springs to suit  Slant 6 cam grinds

Contact us regarding our slant 6 cams as we grind to order.

Our Aussiespeed Slant 6 dual Quad manifold is currently available to suit 2 x Holley Quick Fuel squarebore carbs, we do have plans to release a dual 2 barrel top half also

Fitted with AS0172P air filters and 2x 450 CFM Slayer Quick Fuel Carbs.

Slant 6 Aussiespeed Dual Quad manifold is supplied with a manifold brace that bolts to the engine mount.


Hotrod Magazine featured Aussiespeed manifold on a all aluminum Slant 6 built in the USA. The finned alloy red valve cover is another product from the Aussiespeed range.

Are you looking for a Turbo Charging option for your Slant 6 Chrysler engine ? While Aussiespeed do not do a turbo kit for the Slant 6 Valiant there is a company in the USA who use components from the Aussiespeed range to construct a turbo kit.

The jig built pipe mates up to the Aussiespeed Dutra Duals, This product is available from Gill Welding in TN United States of America.

The turbo charged slant 6 Chrysler kit can be fitted to some vehicles with air conditioning. To check on fitment for your application contact Gill Welding.

The full package is available for your Slant 6 repower project.

Aussiespeed Manifolds & Old School Speed Equipment Co.

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