AS0090r Ford GT alloy shaker style bonnet scoop natural

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Aussiespeed reproduction sand cast aluminum. This semi finish scoop comes supplied drilled, tapped & is ready for you detailed finishing & painting. These are a sand cast finish not die cast measurements are. 372mm long in the centre, 314mm wide at the centre, 52mm high at the front. All measurements are approximate as the shape of the scoop is an irregular shape.There are 4 bolt/lug/boss locating points with a 5/16 unc thread.

as0090 underside

Four mounting bolts are cast in to the underside of the scoop, these are a semi finished casting and may require additional preparation before painting

as0090r aussiespeed ford gt shaker scoop

These are a sand cast hand made scoop, the aluminum they are made out of is not a brittle die cast alloy

as0090r shaker scoop

As these are a sand cast scoop some pitting or imperfections may exist in the casting.

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