V6 Commodore Buick L67 AS0099/AS0209B-AS0226 Black

AUD $679.00


Holden v6 Commodore alloy rocker covers will fit both supercharged and non super charged ECOTECH engines only. Unlike the factory rocker covers that were made from a plastic material and used a rubber gasket these sand cast rocker covers by Aussiespeed have a machined flat gasket face and use a paper type gasket. No more broken or cracked plastic rocker covers and oil leaking on your exhaust. The top surface is faced with counter bored bolt holes as well as a cnc machined gasket mating face.

The flat machined face allows use of the Aussiespeed diecut paper gasket.


The AS0099/109r do have one oil filler in the standard factory location and use the factory oil cap. Aussiespeed also make the AS0117 oil filler cap cover available in 2 surface finishes and 4 styles. These are also listed in our online store.


2x Gaskets are included in the package .

Oil cap covers in different styles are available to cover the stock plastic cover, these are available in both satin or polished finish but are not included in this package. WILL NOT FIT WITH YELLA TERRA PLATINUM ROLLER ROCKERS

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Weight 10.0 kg