twin 4 barrel carb adapter to 142 manifold AS0139

AUD $425.00


Aussiespeed twin four barrel carb adapter will bolt to Aussiespeed super charger manifolds or weiand supercharger manifolds to fit 2×4 barrel carbs in either sideways mounting or front to back with single metering block carburetors.

The bolt on adapter will not accept 2x double pumpers when placed inline or carburetors with dual metering blocks. Another use is for fitting 2x LPG gas mixers.

In the earlier part of 2018 the adapter went through a redesign reducing the plenum area.

as0139-weiand-manifold - 1

The adapter is 70mm high at the highest point. The AS0139 Aussiespeed adaptor uses a standard weiand 142 base gasket between the manifold and carb plate. It is a high quality aluminum casting with 4 counter sunk bolts to bolt to the supercharger manifold and the carburetor pad is machined in a dual pattern squarebore holley configuration. Adapter to manifold bolts are included studs to mount the carburetors are not included as many different stud lengths and styles can be used.


The AS0139 will fit the Aussiespeed range of supercharger manifolds that accept the Weiand 142/144 supercharger. Supplied with 4x 25mm 7\16 socket head cap screws to fix top to base.


fitted to an AS0032 Ford 2v 250 manifold.


Chevy 250, 292 Aussiespeed AS0038 manifold fitted with AS0139 dual quad top


AS0139 can be fitted to most manifolds that will accept a Weiand 142 super charger manifold.

The AS0139 needs a Weiand 142 base gasket that is not included, it includes 4x 7/16 shcs and 4x 3/8 shcs. This top is also used for 2×4 barrel carbs on 192 Blower Shop blowers and 4/71 GM superchargers with additional components.


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