Supercharger Manifold Valiant 245 265 Chrysler Hemi Six AS0033

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The Aussiespeed AS0033 Hemi 6 cylinder supercharger manifold will accept Weiand 142 and Weiand 144 superchargers as well as the B&M supercharger based on the Weiand.


The AS0033P is available as a special order, the manifold has a polished finish.

The manifold is sand cast and machined in Australia. The manifold has the provision to fit a side mounted back fire valve. The faces of the manifold are machined and it is very important that the dowel pin on the cylinder head and rear bolt be fitted so the manifold is at 90 degrees to the crankshaft. The supercharger mounting pad is machined flat but will need the supercharger mounting holes to be drilled  . Due to the length of the Hemi 6 an extra long snout is required.  Additional components that can make your fit up easier.


The AS0033 is sold with the supercharger pad machined and drilled, it is not fitted with a backfire valve. To purchase the manifold fitted with a backfire please purchase part number AS0033/AS0059




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