Speedco Finned Carb Scoop suit single or dual carbs SCO1100

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This cast aluminum carburettor scoop has a super cool look and can be used with single and dual carbs. The scoop you are buying is a raw shot blasted aluminum casting that IS NOT supplied with any mounting hardware, air filters or filter bases.

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Speed co carb scoop to suit single or dual carbs. The timeless styling off the carburettor scoop has made it popular with Gasser and Hot Rodders since its release.

speedco carb scoop

The scoop is sold as the top only and is also available with the cast aluminium base and we offer another package as a complete assembly including 6 inch x 3 inch paper air filter elements.


The length of the top of the scoop is 50cm

The underside length is 44.5cm

Front inside opening 21cm left to right

Front opening height 10.5cm

Rear inside height 7.5cm

Front over all height outside 13.5cm

Rear over all height outside 9.5cm

You are purchasing a raw finish shot blasted aluminium scoop only. It does not include the base, air cleaners or any hardware.




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