Supercharger snout 3 pin drive kit Holden 6, M90, M112 Eaton Generation 5

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This Drive assembly replaces the 1 piece snout and gear case on generation 5 Buick imported superchargers, M112 when fitting to Holden 6 cylinder red, black and blue motor engines when using a standard harmonic balancer.


The complete assembly with 77.5mm top pulley is supplied in this kit.


Take not of the bolt position across the top of the gear case as there are 2 different styles of supercharger front covers for the M series eaton blowers. AS0482r is pictured above.


AS0482 has 2 only bolt holes across the top of the supercharger front cover. This is the cover included in this kit


Australian delivered Commodore supercharger front housing, note the 3 bolt holes across the top. AS0481r .


The drive on the left is the Eaton 3 pin drive dog supplied with this kit.




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