Rocker Cover Ford big 6 polished finish 240 300 CI AS0544P

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Ford big 6 owners of 240 and 300 CI aluminum valve cover, It took a while but it is now available, a taller than the standard pressed tin Ford big 6 valve cover had an internal height of around 70mm, the tall finned aluminum Aussiespeed valve cover has a height of just over 85mm and also has the advantage of cast in funnel style internal breather shrouds.


The 5 fin cast fins on the top and thick bolt mounting pads on the base of the cover will stop the cover from twisting or bending. The cover has our integrated cast in funnel style oil cap and pcv shroud.


We offer a matching side plate as well a complete kit including oil cap and bolts.

aluminum 300 240 valve cover ford 6

NOTE. It has been brought to our attention that the Ford 240 and 300 engine blocks from 1965 to 1983 are the same and our side plate fits. Engines from 1984 onwards the side plate is narrower and our side cover wont fit. We are working on tooling for the later side plate. Also if running Harland Sharp roller rockers 25mm of the inner cone style breather needs to be machined off.

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