AS0112 Universal Plenum water heater box for intake manifold

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Aussiespeed ® Pre heat plenum “DE ICER ” This universal water box can be welded or stuck with a quality epoxy bonding agent to the under side of a 2 or 4 barrel manifold to assist with cold starting and to heat the intake manifold.

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The heat produced if water is run through the box can help stop pooling of fuel and make your engine run better in cooler parts of the world. The box has 3 drilled and tapped holes 3/8 NPT and when plumbed up to a heater tap can be shut of when engine reaches operating temperature.The size of the box is 98mm square with a flat base for the manifold side and is 55mm in height


The box is supplied with one end drilled and tapped to accept 2 x 3/8 NPT fittings.

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The other end has one drilled and tapped hole.

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