Low Profile Holden V8 Blower manifold AS0308

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Aussiespeed Holden V8 Blower manifold has been designed to keep your supercharger low when used with a low profile supercharger. With various adapters and additional machining the manifold can be used with larger superchargers like 4/71, 6/71 roots style blowers. The manifold is supplied machined without any supercharger hold down bolts so it can be finished to suit what ever blower and drive length you choose.

The Aussiespeed Holden V8 supercharger manifold suits early model cylinder heads as fitted to red, blue and black cylinder heads and will not fit VN style heads.


We hope that these will be available soon as just the manifold and as a kit as well.

Currently machining a batch available as machined manifold only. Head to manifold bolts and thermo housing bolts drilled blower pad blank undrilled.



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