ICE Hemi 6 215 245 265 performance ignition kit for non forced induction. 1 rev limiter No Vacuum Advance

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The ignition side of engine upgrades is often over looked, its normally the carburettor, manifold, cam shaft, exhaust system and the cylinder head. Dont for get to look at your ignition. With more air, more fuel a bigger spark and better ignition curve will see further improvements


Kit includes.

Hemi 6 billet distributor with nylon gear, spark plug leads, coil, wiring harness, ignition box.

Without Vacuum Advance

With 1 Rev limiter

The 7060MV kit is an entry level package aimed at standard to mildly modified street cars . It features 16 pre-programmed push button adjustable advance curves and vacuum advance via a built in MAP sensor. This provides easy and effective tune-ability for everything from a standard engine through to modified combinations. It results in excellent everyday drive ability and exceptional long term performance. Please note the 7060MV does include 1 rpm limiter.


Kit includes:
ICE Billet 6061-T6 alloy distributor in small or large cap with either spheroidal graphite cast iron, silicon bronze or hardened steel gear.
7 Amp digital ignition control with signal LED indicator and dedicated tach output. No built in Rev limiter
Suitable for Hemi 6cyl applications.
High voltage ICE Pro Series Race Coil.
9mm Pro 100 Series plug wire kit to suit your engine with numbers markers.
3 Year Warranty.

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