Holden V8 Aussiespeed 253 308 Alloy Rocker covers finned style AS0215B and bolt kit

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Holden V8 253, 308 Tall black alloy non finned rocker covers

black alloy rocker covers tall


Aussiespeed Holden V8 rocker covers to suit B cast cylinder heads, B cast heads are fitted to Holden v8 253,308,4.2 & 5 litre engines produced before the later VN heads. These tall valve covers give plenty of room for roller rockers, large valve springs, stud girdles. Aussiespeed rocker covers have cast in funnel style oil breathers so no nasty screws rivets or tin plates to contend with. The Aussiespeed covers also have a cast in drip lip that fits inside the cylinder head casting to help stop the gasket slipping in and help stop oil leaks. The finned rocker covers are polished to a bright finish come supplied with 1x pcv, 1x oil cap breather grommet. The covers are 90mm tall on the inside. std factory tin covers are 76mm inside
rocker covers dont fit
If the rocker cover rocks when fitting your Aussiespeed Holden V8 rocker covers the cast in drip lip may be hitting on either of the inner head bolts located next to the inlet manifold. If the head bolts on the inlet manifold are like the one pictured above there shouldn’t be a problem.
Not the corner of the head bolt is pointing towards the inlet manifold. If the drip lip hits a file or touch with a grinder may be required. There isn’t a lot to remove and we have only encountered it a few times.


Yes we did leave the tabs for the 2 end hold down bolts off these rocker covers and added a drip lip to the rocker covers to deflect oil back into the valve train area. A raised lip extends from the inside gasket flange to help rocker covers seal better.

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