Holden Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Manifold Stud Kit 149 to 202 Reduced Thread Manifold to Head Fitting Kit

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Manifold stud and nut kit that could help take the frustration out of fitting after market extractors and inlet manifolds. The manifold studs are 3/8 UNC on the short side and reduced to 5/16 UNF on the long thread side. The AS022 steel tabs still have a 3/8 clearance hole that allows you to move the tab left to right and up and down. The 5/16 brass nuts are smaller than a standard 3/8 unf nut so a smaller spanner can be used.

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The kit includes

2x 3/8 unc extractor bolts with reduced head

2x 3/8 spring washers

6x 3/8 unc reduced to 5/16 unf manifold studs

6x 5/16 spring washers

6x 5/16 unf brass nuts

6x 10mm assorted  steel retaining tabs with 3/8 centre hole


A few hints that might help when installing you manifold, extractors and stud and tap kit. Buy a 3/8 unc tap to clean out the threads in the cylinder head. use a quality thread sealer/ low grade thread locker on the studs into the cylinder head. Using a stud remover installer can help stop damaging the threads when installing the threads. If the exhaust manifold/ extractors and intake manifold are different thicknesses you can buy 3/16 key way steel pretty cheap and tack weld it to the tabs to keep the tab height even. The time spent aligning and getting the clamps to sit right will give you a better seal on the gasket face. We would suggest when using the reduced size studs that a manifold brace be used once you have the intake and exhaust manifold bolted to the cylinder head.

These studs and nuts are manufactured in Australia and are 44mm overall in length, turned 3/8 section 11mm, unturned 3/8 shank between threads 5mm, 5/16 threaded section is 27mm long.

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