Holden 6 cylinder port divider for 12 port head set of 3 AS0607

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Holden 6 cylinder 12 port head dividers, these cast aluminum port dividers are used when you want to convert a 9 port cylinder head to a 12 port. These are an old school modification that was used mainly when triple weber side draft carbs were used on Holden 6 cylinders.

holden 6 12 port head aluminum dividers

These pre shaped aluminium port dividers for the DIY cylinder head guys.

how to port a holden head

This pic shows side, top and bottom of the dividers that are fitted to a 9 port holden cylinder head to convert to 12 port.

how to convert a 9 port to 12 port cylinder holden head

Length around 187mm long

Entry width 17mm

Width before short turn 22mm

Port height 42mm

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