Holden 6 Cylinder 149 to 202 Alloy Rocker Cover Finned Wrinkle Black 10 Piece Kit

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Holden 6 cylinder alloy dress up package in powder coated textured black with satin finished fins. Please not the cover is tall and may not fit some engine bays. When early grey motor powered cars have been converted it will depend on the fire wall at the rear as to how the engine was set up as to how much room you have.

Aussiespeed Black tall finned rocker cover kit will clear roller rockers fits 149,161,173,179,202 red black blue motors.

Aussiespeed AS0096B tall alloy  rocker cover

AS0264  rocker cover bolt set

AS0035 Chrome cap

AS0195B Finned oil cap cover black wrinkle finish

AS0602B-K Black thermostat housing base includes socket head bolts and gasket base is thicker so thermo spacer not required.

AS0612B-K Black thermostat housing includes socket head cap screw bolts/allen key type and bolts.

Right angle PCV valve

AS0186B alloy finned black side plates

AS0045 side plate bolt kit.


Note: cap and cover will require you to use an adhesive to stick the cover to the cap to make permanent.


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