FORD six 144 170 221 200 250 Dual outlet cast iron exhaust header AS0017-2V

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Ford early falcon, mustang and cortina twin outlet exhaust manifold.This model only fits engines fitted with a 2V Ford cylinder head, the AS0017-2V suits the 2V cylinder heads with removable intake manifolds only.

Made in Australia by Aussiespeed,the cast iron exhaust header suits the 2V heads. But dont worry AS0017-1V is also available for the integrated cylinder head powered vehicles.

ford exhaust manifold 1v 2v log head

Pictured above is a 1V log head exhaust manifold & a 2V exhaust manifold. The top manifold with the larger centre exhaust port is the 1V. The bottom exhaust manifold with the smaller centre exhaust manifold is thew 2V. This is why we had to design 2 different manifolds.

2v exhaust header

The cast iron exhaust manifold has both larger ports, larger cross section runners than the stock manifold. It is precisely machined and supplied with 2x  steel flanges, 2x flange gaskets, 4x studs and 4x brass nuts .

The dual outlets are 40mm or just over 1.5 inches in diameter and the manifold is a 3 into one design. Yes we know it is an excellent starting point to build a turbo manifold for your early Ford.

The under side has reliefs to make fitting easier and doing up the bottom bolts. The manifold is taller and longer in the over all design and is perfect for standard and modified street engines. The manifold is 135mm from the head mounting flange to the outlet flanges.

Finished in high temp  cast iron exhaust paint we recommend fitting prior to having the ceramic coated, its not good having to grind off the coating

The stock manifold and the Aussiespeed AS0017 are pictured together. Both manifolds were on the same flat surface and the pic shows the distance the 2 manifolds stick out from the head.

Manifolds positioned side by side, the outlets can have the pipes made to fit just about any engine bay including early Falcon, Mustang and Econoline

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