Ford OHC 2.0 pinto engine 2 barrel holley manifold AS0723

USD $383.15


Ford overhead cam Pinto engine east/west carb mount 2 barrelĀ  Holley carburetor manifold, DM203

ford pinto dual intake manifold

The Aussiespeed AS0723 is offered with a dual carburettor bolt pattern to accept Holley 2300 or Ford down draft weber 2 barrel carburettor.

vacuum take off manifold aussiespeed

The manifold is drilled and taped with a vacuum take off in the base of the manifold.

ford pinto aussiespeed manifold

The manifold has provisions for mounting throttle levers or cables or return springs. The intake allows for tight fitting engine conversions where the carb can be run east west.




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Weight 7.0 kg