Ford 200, 250 crossflow Davies Craig water pump plate kit 90 degree

AUD $215.00


Ford 200, 250 cast iron and alloy cylinder head 10mm billet CNC cut water pump block off plate is drilled and taped to accept the straight or right angled outlet fittings for Davies Craig Electric water pumps. This block off plate will complete the kit when fitting an electric water pump to your Cross flow 6 cylinder engine. The plate has M5 blind threads to avoid corroded threads  and the centre hole is 26mm and the genuine Davies Craig fitting suits 38mm hose hose and accepts screw in Davies Craig internal reducer. M5 socket head cap screws and spring washers are included for the water neck.

The plate pictured makes fitting a Davies Craig electric water pump as the stock pump is removed and the cover plate, water pump gasket 90 degree water pump neck and accessory spacers to use std engine accessory mounting bracket location can be used with standard length bolts. The bolts to mount the plate to the engine block are not included.

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Weight 5.2 kg