Ford Cleveland satin black tall finned valve covers AS0626B

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Ford v8 Cleveland 2V 3V and 4V sand cast quality Australian made valve covers. One of the first things people notice when you pop the hood on a v8 is your valve covers.

v8 ford 302 351 aluminium rocker covers

Aussiespeed Powder coated satin black Ford tall rocker covers

roller rockers ford cleveland covers

These are sand cast not die cast, these can be welded with catch can fittings. Internal breather cast shrouds help deflect oil windage and mist from PCV and oil filler caps.

ford mustang ford falcon rocker covers

The Aussiespeed AS0626 valve covers are tall and have been run with many different brands of roller rockers. They will fit 2V, 3V and 4V cylinder heads.


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