Ford alloy head crossflow 4 barrel Aussiespeed manifold with plenum insert and 2 barrel carb adapter AS0016 AS0241 AS0574

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Ford Alloy head Aussiespeed 4.1 manifold, plenum insert kit and 2 barrel carb adapter.


With a revised carburetor pad angle and blended entry into the plenum are 2 main changes to the latest model along with our plenum insert and 4 barrel to 2 barrel adapter makes it the most versatile Ford alloy head crossflow manifold available.


The revised carburetor bad allows for fitting your carb sidways on the AS0016-16 Aussiespeed manifold. The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.The widest point of the manifold from head face to carb pad is 215mm

ford 6 cylinder 4 barrel manifold



After many hours of research, development and refinements including changing plenum and runner sizes and shapes Aussiespeed has developed a 4 barrel manifold for the 4.1 Alloy head Falcon and cortina engine that performs like a performance manifold should.

Even cylinder flow makes this manifold boost both Horse power and torque as it is a proven winner on modified street cars, drag race engines, speedway and dirt circuit race cars. This manifold does more than just bolt a 4 barrel carb to your engine. Even more horse power can be gained & is highly recommended that this manifold be used with a performance grind camshaft, extractors and free flowing exhaust system and for even more horsepower a high performance cylinder head.


The AS0016 Aussiespeed 4 barrel crossflow manifold is powering some mild street engines through to super tough 400+ hp xflow engines.


Aussiespeed have spent many hours refining our range of products to work on most types of Street and Racing engines

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