Ford 2.0 Litre Pinto OHC Engine RS2000 Down Draft Weber Twin IDF Manifold AS0722

AUD $499.00


Ford Escort factory style RS2000 manifold to suit Pinto Over Head Cam Engine 2 litreĀ  4 cylinder engine.

It allows fitting of twin IDF Weber carburetors to the AussiespeedĀ  down draft manifold on a Ford Escort and Cortina with an over head cam engine.

The manifold is fitted with a raised boss that can be used for a vacuum fitting if machined.

The AS0722 has the carb pad machined on an angle so the carburetors sit flat when used with factory height and angled engine mounts.

The manifold was previously sold under the Auto Quip and Develo manifold under part number DM202

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Weight 7 kg